Being new in a country often means starting from zero concerning day-to-day contacts.
We want to share with you our carefully chosen network of the following service providers:

  • Tax advisor
  • Legal services
  • Insurance broker
  • Cleaning
  • Technical maintenance, trouble shooting and emergency service
  • Gardening
  • Pool service
  • Car maintenance ITV, changing matriculation
  • Concierge and chauffeur service
  • Chef and domestic service
  • Catering
  • Children entertainment and nanny service
  • Private Yoga classes and massage
  • Tennis and golf classes
  • Mountain and Kayak guides
  • Yacht charter
  • Holiday rentals
  • Rentals for photoshooting or private events (weddings, family gathering)

See what our clients say:

"Mr. Kraehenmann found in a very discrete and efficient way a buyer for a large property of mine. By showing the buyer the potencial of those historic buildings, it is now getting transformed in a small boutique hotel."
Florence Couve de Murville