Project management

Language barriers, a foreign culture, lack of time and non-existent contacts often frighten people from abroad to reform or build a property on Mallorca. 

Therefore we offer you a comprehensive service in order to fully enjoy your undertakings on Mallorca and let them become a beautiful and creative experience. 


From our own experience we believe in a rigorous process of how to approach a new project. Having done a proper “mise en place”, the actual building act becomes easy and smooth. 

This process will be achieved with our co-operating team existing of following experts: 

  • Lawyers
  • Arquitects
  • Engineers (construction, energy management)
  • Landscape arquitect
  • Interior Designers
  • Controllers


The planning includes following steps:

  1. Check the legal outlines and define necessary licenses
  2. Define personal needs and budget
  3. Drafts first ideas by arquitect and designers
  4. Hand in project to townhouse.
  5. Active follow-up on administrative process
  6. Define the proyect in detail and ask for different quotes
  7. Define building team and milestones

Building Execution

We manage for your the entire building process from A-Z. 

We consider it as our duty to fully adapt to your needs and serve you as a tool to get to to your desired dream house. We will co-ordinate a carefully chosen team of construction experts tailor-made to your needs: 

Those experts include: 

  • Project manager and cost controller.
  • Architects and engineers.
  • Builders (Structural, reformation, plaster, stone, dry walls, flooring, pool, chimenea)
  • Technicians (Electricians, lighting, plumbers, heating and isolation, swimming pool, telecommunication, security)
  • Craftsmen (carpenter: furniture, windows and doors, ironsmith: steal, stainless steel, aluminium), stoneworker, kitchen builder


We believe it is our strength to persist in the proper, previously well defined execution of a task. We always ask for maximum cost transparency in order to prevent undesired surprises..