Vender con nosotros

Kraehenmann Real Estate works together with a selective network of agents and other real estate related professionals on the island but also abroad. Those contacts allow us to offer your property in a discrete but efficient way to a selective clientel.

Our marketing services also include preparing a careful exposé and make attractive pictures. For a quick sale we recommend that you let us feature the property in our display shop windows, on our homepage and on further exclusive digital or non-digital platforms.

If you wish, we can also market your property in a discrete way without presenting it to the public, but only to clients that we consider are a good match for your property.

Sometimes it makes sense to «fresh up» your house with small reformation works or a slight restyling of the interior or exterior in order to make it more presentable to potential buyers. We are more than happy to help you with this.

Sell your property with KRAEHENMANN REAL ESTATE

Selling your home can be surprisingly challenging and of course you want to get the most out of it. At Mallorcaresidencia, we help you to evaluate your property based on several factors, such as area, condition and views.

We also provide you information and advice regarding the market on Mallorca and what can increase the value of your property. Our experienced team also help you with recommendations for reliable lawyers and bank contacts.